producer paul

Does your organisation need a podcast? Producer Paul is the button pusher behind some award winning, iTunes chart topping shows. You need the best content and sharpest production to rise above the sea of drivel and sit next to the big titles in the podcast charts – check out these 5* reviews on Apple podcasts. Podcast listening is a highly personal experience, mostly on headphones with the listener highly engaged and free from distractions. They want to hear well recorded content, not low-fi conference calls or hosts talking into their phones. To find out more about publishing your own, bespoke podcast or partnering with an existing podcast title (see below) as a sponsor Email PP directly.

Paul Daniels’ production credits include Kiss FM, Xfm, Sky One, Sky Movies, MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Discovery, independent radio doc series with Ricky Gervais & presenter of How Do They Do It?

Below are favourite episodes from the award winning men’s mental health series Insane In The Men Brain, its spin-off Insane In The Fem Brain, mid-life series Your Next Episode, parenting/fatherhood show How’s Your Father? and wine-lovers’ podcast Bottle Bitches. Use the menu to find many more episode on your preferred platform and device.